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Plans We Offer


"Will Call" customers keep track of the level of oil in their tank on their own and call when they would like a delivery. Customers can order a specific dollar amount, gallon amount, or just fill the tank. Purchasing 150 gallons or more will get you the best price per gallon of the day. If you happen to run out of oil, just let the office know and we will prime your burner and get the heat back up and running for a small charge.


Don't want to worry about keeping track of your oil level? No Problem!! With Automatic Delivery, our computer system will keep track of how much oil you use based on the temperature outside and we will come fill you up when necessary. As an Automatic Delivery customer you will always get the best price regardless of how much oil you take and you can have peace of mind knowing we will make sure you don't run out .


Our budget plan is to help spread your oil costs over a long period of time. Most heating costs are incurred in 4 months in the winter. You will have a set payment spreading your payments over 12 months. As a budget customer you will receive 10 cents off the cash price of oil. (For example-if the price of the day is $2.699 per gallon then you would pay $2.599) Budget deliveries work the same as automatics using the computer system to monitor and deliver when necessary so you don't need to worry.

**Budget plans only start in June and July.

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If you have any questions on how you can take advantage of one of our great plans please feel free to call the office at the number below. We would be happy to help!

(781) 293-5275

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